Slope Mowing Safety Tips

When attempting to mow on steep slopes there are a few things to consider.

  1. Do you have the right equipment/machinery to do the job?

  2. How steep is your slope?

  3. How can i mow those slopes safely?

In order to determine what machine is right for your steep terrain and degree of slope, check out this handy guide.

When you are ready to mow, check out these safety do's and dont's before your start to ensure your slope mowing experience is a safe one.

How can i mow slopes safely?

Safety Do’s

  • When possible, always start, stop and turn on the flat.

  • Use extra care with grass catchers or other attachments as they affect the mower’s stability.

  • Have an escape route planned if the brakes fail or you lose control of the steering.

  • If you feel the front wheels lifting – STOP, turn around slowly and go back down.

  • Keep the brakes properly adjusted and maintained.

  • NOTE: Brakes are generally there to stop the mower not slow it down, that’s what the transmission is for.

Safety Dont’s

  • Do not shift to neutral and coast downhill.

  • Never use a rear-mounted bag on a slope as it gets too heavy and is a tipping hazard.

  • Never try to stabilise the mower by putting your foot on the ground.

  • If in doubt, don’t

  • In some cases, the terrain may be too steep for anything. Perhaps fence it and get some sheep or goats, or landscape it to be a wilderness area or shrubbery.

  • How steep is too steep? If your slope gains 30cm of height every 90cm of distance it’s too steep for your average ride on mower and you need a specialist mower.

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