How does a Walker Mower Deal with Mowing Slopes?

So you want to mow slopes that are turfed with good lawn but obviously, you need to do it safely and without fear!? Maybe others have told you that you cannot use a zero turn mower either? Have a look at the Walker Mower.

Walker Mowers, specifically the non-collection machines, offer superior traction, handling and safety, on slopes and hills. Their low centre of gravity (the operator generally sits 20-30cm lower on a Walker Mower than on a typical mid-mount lawn tractor), and overall balance, with the weight distributed centrally over the drive wheels, provides better traction, control, and safer downhill stability than competitive mid-mount and stand-on products.

In comparison, most mid-mount mowers and garden tractors position the weight of their engine forward of the rear driving wheels to avoid flipping backwards on hills, resulting in reduced traction, loss of braking, and unsafe loss of steering when going downhill.

A Walker Mower also outperforms mid-mounts when mowing across slopes. The mid-mount, with its weight higher up and forward of the drive wheels, will tend to nose-dive on slopes, and be more likely to tip over sideways.

The Walker Mower also offers a true floating deck, which moves independently of the tractor, for superior contour following. A mid-mount mower deck is more rigidly suspended, with a greater tendency to scalp or lift on rolling terrain.

For more information on Walker Mowers and their slope capabilities, visit the Walker Mowers Website or get in touch