Why do i need a special mower to mow slopes?

Most ride on mowers are not designed for work on slopes or any kind of incline. Inside mechanics and engineering of the mower need to planned and considered with a clear focus of steep work. A machine that operates at a steep angle is a specialised piece of machinery.

A specialised mower for slopes and steep hills, allows for better control due to mechanics such as a diff lock, 4WD system and high/low range availability for traction control.

Safety features of the machine also need to be considered, such as brake capability and downward hill control.

There are two things to consider when looking for a slope mower:

1) The degree of the slopes

2) The type of vegetation you need to manage

A 15-20 degree slope will require a different machine to a 25-30 degree slope, and 30+ degrees is not impossible! Mowing a grassy slope is very different to cutting vegetation with brush and small saplings. How about a 60-degree slope, covered in blackberry, lantana, privet, tea tree and box thorn? How do you reduce fire risk where it's too steep to walk?

Which type of mower is best for which slope?

If you have a large lawn with a nice covering of grass, but the slopes are too steep for a regular ride on mower.

This type of application is the most straight forward for slope mowing. There's generally no out of control weeds, the ground is fairly even, but the slopes are just too steep for a regular lawn mower to handle. Anything up to 15 degrees is best handled by one of our Walker Mowers, specifically the non-collection models. Superior traction, handling and safety, thanks to a low centre of gravity, often earns them the catch phrase of the 'safest mower on slopes'.

Walker mower on gentle slope

If you have steeper lawns that are difficult to access with a ride on mower

You may want to consider a robotic lawnmower to do it safely for you. Our robots can safely maintain turf on slopes of 35 degrees+

Your area is sloping, but it's covered with a variety of weeds, saplings and small trees that are too tough for a regular ride on mower.

Sloping areas that are more than just grass require a machine that is built tough, but also one that is made for slopes.

Certified to 25 degree side slopes, the Razorback 4WD brush cutter is excellent in this application because it's low centre of gravity provides the stability you need, and its shaft drive means it can cut through weeds and brush up to 36mm in diameter with ease. If your property has areas of lawn, the Razorback can mow this too.

You have a large paddock style area, with dips and rises that needs something more sturdy than a regular mower.

These areas are large areas of brush and tall grass that need something to do the job quickly. A Steiner tractor will suit this application. Its powerful engines and hydraulics, wide stance, articulating and oscillating frame, and new hydraulic weight transfer and traction boost system mean you can cover large areas in a short space of time and on slopes up to 30 degrees.

Your job is to maintain a large area that has steep slopes and tough terrain, that needs something much sturdier and safer than a regular mower.

This is the most gruelling of vegetation. Often characterised by steep banks on the sides of roadways or dams which require optimum safety practices for the operator. The remote controlled Green Climber can be operated on slopes up to 60 degrees from 100 metres away, and reduces the amount of manpower needed to complete the task. A completely safe option.

Still unsure about which mower is right for you and your slope?

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